Get your project management inline with your accounting system by integrating them together with hh2’s Procore Integration for Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate (CRE) and coming soon for Sage 100 Contractor.

hh2 Cloud Services has provided integration between Procore and Sage 300 CRE for close to four years. Now hh2 has worked out separate agreements with Sage and Procore to create additional functionality between Sage 300 CRE by integrating owner change orders. hh2 is finishing up the work on the integration between Sage 100 Contractor and Procore.

Bringing Construction Together

Accurate Financial Data

Eliminate costly mistakes that creep in when you enter in data from your accounting system to Procore and back again. Now you can have a constant synchronization running between your accounting system and Procore to keep your financial information completely up to date as you are managing your construction projects.

Keep your accounting system in full control of all of your accounting data. This can give you peace of mind by only having the approved personnel that you specify accessing the financial data in your accounting system. You also have full control over the scheduling of the sync.

Maintain Control

Integration Points

Below are some of the key integration points that highlight the hh2 Procore Integration with Sage 300 CRE. These are the same integration points we plan to be using with the Sage 100 Contractor Integration.

Initial and Ongoing Synchronization:

Initial and Synchronization Upon Request:



Cost Codes

Standard Cost Codes

Cost Codes

Job Specific Cost Codes

Cost Types

Standard Categories

Cost Types




Sub Jobs



Accounts Payable Vendors

Subcontracts & Purchase Orders

Subcontracts & Purchase Orders

Commitment Change Orders

Commitment Change Orders

Prime Contracts

Owner Contracts

Prime Contract Items

Owner Contract Items

Prime Change Orders

Owner Change Orders

Budget Change Orders

Budget Change Orders

JTD Costs

JTD Costs

MTD Costs

MTD Costs

Committed Costs (Actuals)

Committed Costs (Invoiced)


Cost Estimates

Our Products


Remote Payroll

Elegant Time Entry for Sage 300 CRE, Sage 100 Contractor , Viewpoint and ComputerEase


Field Reports

A lot more than just reports


Field Service

Service management on the go

Human Resources

All vital employee information in one central location


Procore Integration

Integration between Sage and Procore

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